Paw Parlour Dog Grooming
Professional Grooming Pet Stylist

Our business is Located in a unique and busy precinct of Doncaster nestled between Manningham Road and Doncaster Road.

At Paw Parlour, we ensure your furry friend receives the proper care and attention they deserve as your family member. We always strive to give your pet the perfect groom at our salon and a make sure they are feeling their best throughout their visit.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please fill out the booking form online
or TEXT/CALL the salon on 0432118960
or Email: [email protected]

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Toy Cavoodle fusion style groom

Cavoodle fusion groom

Toy poodle fusion groom with poodle face

Maltese x Shihtzu teddy fusion groom

Shihtzu teddy bear style

Bordoodle puppy/ Teddy bear Asian fusion style groom

Mini Groodle fusion groom

Cavalier fusion groom

Toy poodle teddy bear style groom

Toy poodle full groom pure scissor style cut

cavoodle fusion style groom

Samoyed Puppy Groom 

cavoodle teddy full groom

Standard Groodle puppy/fusion full groom

Cavalier summer full groom shortcut style

Moodle fusion summer groom 

6 months old corgi full body scissor trim 

Airedale  breed groom

Maltese Cavalier summer sweet and short groom

Standard poodle teddy bear style groom

Cavoodle puppy/fusion full groom

Shitzu x Maltese fusion style groom

spoodle fusion style groom

Schnauzer fusion groom

toy poodle puppy full groom

Schnoodle teddy bear fusion style groom

Tibetan terrier fusion groom

Toy poodle fusion style groom

Standard Poodle full groom

golden retriever deshed

Cavalier full groom

Mini Poodle full groom

Spoodle fusion style groom

Maltese Shihtzu full groom

Maltese X summer groom

Cavoodle fusion groom

cavoodle Teddy bear fusion groom

Cavoodle asian fusion full groom

cavoodle full groom

Spoodle puppy fusion groom

Labradoodle full groom short cut 

Labradoodle puppy fusion groom

Golden Retreiver full groom

Yorkie full groom

dachshund(long coat) de-shedding full groom 

 Samoyed deshed full groom

Maltese terrier full groom

Papillon full groom 

mini poodle puppy fusion groom 

11 weeks standard poodle puppy groom

Mini Labradoodle full groom 

Cavoodle full groom

cavoodle full groom

Maltese fusion style groom

cavoodle full groom

Bichon puppy fusion groom 15weeks

Carin Terrier full groom

Poodle fusion style groom

11 weeks Morkie puppy groom

Pom x Maltese fusion trim

Maltese fusion style groom

Poodle Cross fusion style groom

Spoodle puppy fusion groom

Bordoodle puppy fusion groom

Toy cavoodle puppy fusion groom

Shihtzu fusion style groom

Maltese Shihtzu puppy fusion groom

cavoodle puppy groom

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09:00 am – 05:30pm

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09:00am – 05:30pm

Appointments only


09:00 am – 05:30pm

Appointments only