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Paw Parlour Dog Grooming

Dog grooming services include: Full Groom , Bath & Tidy and Bath & Blow Dry

Our business is Located in a unique and busy precinct of Doncaster nestled between Manningham Road and Doncaster Road.
We take pride in offering grooming and styling to all breeds and sizes. 
Your pet is part of your family and deserves to be treated like one. At Paw Parlour, we ensure your furry friend receives the proper care and attention they deserve as your family member. We always strive to give your pet the perfect groom at our salon and a make sure they are feeling their best throughout their visit.


ShihTzu x Poodle summer groom

Joojeh the poodle summer full groom, she came from Albury, 4 hours drive to my Doncaster salon

Look at her eyes❤️❤️ Cutest Jack Russell cross I’ve ever seen🐶😘 Thanks for coming Bella.

 Who’s the white fluffy ball over there? Isabelle the Bichon❤️🐶🐶

 poodle full groom

Schnauzer Teddy bear Cut full groom 

Schnauzer Teddy bear Cut full groom

Japanese spitz  bath and tidy -Sensitive Skin Protein treatment

Cavoodle Full Groom

Toy poodle full groom pure scissor style cut

Toy poodle full groom

Cavoodle short summer cut full groom.
Came in with matted hair on her face and tail. 

Samoyed Puppy Groom 

Gorgeous Abby the border collie

Labradoodle summer full groom

Labradoodle summer full groom

Moodle summer full groom 

6 months old corgi full body scissor trim 🐶 She’s extremely matted behind the ears and butt area. Spent at least 1 hours to get all the knots out completely,then bath and hand dry I’m soooo against cage drying❌ For double coated dogs, as a groomer you just need to be extremely patient but not just shave them. They are not deserved to be shaved. Look how cute they are after grooming ❤️❤️

corgi puppy full body scissor trim 

Maltese Cavalier summer groom

Cavoodle summer full groom
a bit matted all over

spoodle, 15 years old, summer groom

Transformation ❤️Shitzu x Maltese full groom

Poodle full groom

She is a mother of five fur kids. Their whole family come to our salon one by one for full groom every week 😄

Moodle summer full groom

11 weeks toy poodle puppy groom

miniature schnauzer full groom

Charlie the Golden retriever cross Samoyed, this is his first time grooming. Was a little bit nervous at the beginning,after I showed him the clipper, scissors and brushes not hurting him at all,then he realized it’s all safe,keep wagging his tail. Well behaved sweet young boy.

Toy poodle 🐶 Rosie: ‘Mommy doesn’t like the teddy bear look but poodle face with a little bit hair around the muzzle with fluffy ears🌟 I’m pretty I know☺️🐶❤️’

Pomeranian summer lion cut

Chihuahua Cross summer groom

Peggy the Standard Poodle, super active and elegant. She was relaxed during the groom. Poodle owners please come in and try our paw parlour signature poodle cut- teddy bear style

Spoodle summer full groom

The importance of combing and de-shedding a golden retriever before bath. Too much under coat will cause skin problem because there’s no air can get into it🐶

Cavoodle summer full groom

Cavalier full groom

Jamie an Bella, two gorgeous Maltese cross Shitzu full groom

Pudding the Bichon He doesn’t have much bichon hair, but still looks cute with the big round teddy bear face

Maltese summer full groom

English Springer Spaniel full groom

Pom X Chihuahua summer full groom

Meet CJ. A black and white border collie. He came in with moderate amount of matted hair and received lots of brushing. Look at how shiny and smooth his coat is

Spoodle summer short groom

Monty is a Maltese cross who needs lots of reassurance and encouragement during the grooming process, but he chose to stick with me every step of the way. He made the job easy. Short trim around the nose and silky coat finish. He is just so cute!!Oh I love this boy❤️

Cavoodle summer full groom

Abby is a Shih Tzu. Teddy bear style cut for summer. She is a true sweetheart.

Cavoodle summer short full groom

cavoodle full groom

Toy Poodle After bath VS after full groom

12 years old Brodie the Japanese spitz. He looks much happier after grooming

Golden Retreiver Cross full groom

Golden Retreiver full groom

Spoodle puppy groom

dachshund(long coat) de-shedding full groom 

Trixie and Paxton, gorgeous Samoyed

Maltese terrier full groom

Standard poodle full groom


Prices will vary depending on the breed of the dog, condition of its coat and time needed to complete the services
**Additional charges will apply for full scissor groom,dogs with behaviour issues, matted coat or fleas**
All prices include GST.
**Pricing is subject to change without notice**

Bath & Blow Dry

Small from $30 
Medium from $40 
Large from $60

- Gentle bath and massage with top quality shampoo
- Towel and blow dry
- Brush
- Cologne

Bath & Tidy

Small from  $45
Medium  from $55
Large from $75

- Gentle bath and massage with top quality shampoo
- Nail clip
- Ear clean
- Towel and blow dry
- Brush
- Eyes, paws and sanitary trim
- Cologne

Full Groom

Small from $70
Medium from $85
Large from $95

- Gentle bath and massage with top quality shampoo
- Nail clip
- Ear clean
- Towel and blow dry
- Brush
- Full body haircut
- Eyes, paws and sanitary trim
- Cologne

Double Coat Breeds

Prices shown above for the first 1.5 hrs, then $45 per hour after that

Full Groom PLUS a very complete brush and Deshed

Puppy First Groom for 12-18 weeks of age

From $50

- Warm bath(puppy shampoo and conditioner) 
- Blow dry
- Simple tidy up overall
- Nail Clip
- Doggy Cologne

Additional charges will apply


- Full scissor groom/Breed Specific Groom
- Fleas treatment
- Difficult dogs/Behaviour issues    
- Matted coat/De-matting
- Filth/mud
- Sensitive skin treatment
- Aged dog with skin or health problems